“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Saturday, June 28

a few cute knits

I finally got around to knitting with the yarn that Kelli bought for me while they were down in the US in May, the yarn came with a sock pattern. I used this pattern for the socks they were a bit too big for me so Hubby claimed them for himself, they are the perfect fit.
I only hope he will wear them, as he has a problem with my hand knits he seams to think they will fall apart!?!?

I had a bit of yarn left over and though what better way to use it up than make a souvenir for Kelli to remind her of her trip to Pennsylvania. I made her a little coffee cup cozy and the darling Bluebird of Happiness...(a great pattern and I know I'll be knitting more as ornaments for the Christmas tree!)

and a coffee cup cozy.

Pattern-Fat Quarters SOCKS! by Wendy Ellis Needle- 2.5 mm Yarn-Lancaster Yarn Shop Kettle Dyed Sock Colorway-buggy top

 Pattern-Bluebird of Happiness by Sara Elizabeth Kellner Needle-3.5 mm Yarn-Lancaster Yarn Shop Kettle Dyed Sock Colorway-Buggy Top

For Julia who loves birdies just as much as her Nana does!

 Pattern-Bluebird of Happiness by Sara Elizabeth Kellner Needle-3.5 mm Yarn-Patons Astra

Wednesday, June 18

June is Flash the Stash.

So recently the gals over at the Must Stash podcast has declared the month of June "Stash Flash" the month to show off your stash, well before Ravelry I had never heard of a yarn stash, if I wanted to knit something I would buy a pattern, then the yarn it required, whatever was left over after the project was completed I would throw in the bin.

But that seams like such a long time ago now, and having gone through 7 years of gaining a stash and then de-stashing it each Spring... this is what I call my stash. I smugly say I don't hold on to yarn long!

ok...ok... I also have a few rubbermaid bins in my bedroom, filled with yarn that my very thoughtful family have gifted me over the last few holiday,. that is waiting to be organized. I'll get to it soon.

Tuesday, June 17


I am already thinking Halloween, Nate wants to be "Emmett the lego man" so when I saw this pattern on Rav well I knew I had to cast on and when Nate saw them he freaked out. Nana you did good! :)

Lego Man Mitts by Carissa Browning

Tuesday, May 20

Holiday yarn

Kelli and Mike just got back from the States and brought me this beautiful yarn and pattern can't wait to knit them!!!

Yarn -Lancaster Yarn Shop Kettle Dyed Sock
Colorway-buggy top
Pattern- Fat Quarters SOCKS! by Wendy Ellis

Sunday, May 18

could Spring be here?

  We finally had a stretch of nice weather here,
I think we can say that Spring has arrived at last! day time highs were 24c I even broke out my shorts!  I have been way too busy looking after the grand kids to do any knitting, I have Mike and Kelli's 3 boys for a week, while they are on a holiday in the U.S, but I do have several projects just waiting to be started and I must say I am looking forward to them!

1  mon petit gilet raye
2 vanilla latte socks
3 doily-on-2-needles

Sunday, April 27

coffee cup cozy / pop can cozy

I used all the sock yarn ...yea me!!!

 cast on 64 sts 6 rounds of 2x2 rib… stocking stitch for 3 more inches… 6 more rounds of 2x2 rib. bind off.

Saturday, April 26


I was so glad that I had enough to make this pair of footsies, using the leftovers of Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades, in the Blue Striped Ragg colourway. The pattern is the Sock Recipe by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Knitted on US 1½ - 2.5 mm dpn's cuff down. they aren't perfectly matching but they're close enough for me. and yes they're for me! I still have a tiny bit of this yarn left so someone will be getting a coffee cup cozy.