Thursday, July 13

Today started off overcast with a chance of rain. And with all the housework done and the dog walked I decided to start those oh so popular jaywalker socks, Thank you so much
litlnemo for the pattern you're awesome I'm using this pretty yarn I got that was discounted from $4.00 to $1.00. This is my very first time making socks on 5 needles I looked the pattern over pretty close And I think it's not that complicated I'll post photos as I progress. On other news I received word that every thing is a go for the provincial exhibition,I have to whip up a pair of mittens to go along with the little pink hoodie and enter it as a 2 piece set. There is no category for hooded sweater alone.Thank for dropping in.

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litlnemo said...

I can't take any credit for Jaywalkers -- they are a Magknits pattern. I just happened to knit them (well, partly... I haven't finished yet!). It is a nice pattern, isn't it?