Tuesday, July 25

Yesterday my youngest daughter had to go get tested for T. B. she had to be tested for her job, she works in the health care field. She'll have the results tomorrow
Then my oldest daughter dropped in to do her laundry I can't complain about that 'cause I get to see my grandson which I live for and she knows it the little con artist as she is leaving she said "I'll be back tomorrow I have 6 more loads to do"
Honey if you're reading this remember I love you but you don't have to let your laundry pile up like that, I don't mind you coming over to do your wash.
Then after she left I had to do my own. So as you can imaging I didn't get much knitting in at all but when I finish with my jaywalkers I am thinking of making this beautiful sweater a Debbie Bliss free pattern I love it Lace and bobble jacket If you're like me... I am not even finished with one project when I get itching do start a new one. I enjoy making sweaters most of all, especially when I know they will be worn a lot. Thanks for dropping in

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