Sunday, August 27

Here's Mabel

Well my little Mabel dress is starting to take shape.This is the back finished at last, It's not a difficult pattern at all, it's just trying to find the time to knit

I'm using bernat softee baby yarn. the same yarn I used for the jaywalkers that I got on clearance earlier this season at Wal mart,

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have enough to finish the dress as this is a discontinued yarn and I'm unable to get more. It is a very easy pattern by Erika knight, she has great baby patterns even a novice can make with ease.

The photo of the sunflowers are from The Experiential Farm which is in the centre of our city and has become a favorite attraction in the city

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Casey said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed (unless I'm knitting, of course) that you don't run out of yarn! What pretty sunflowers!