Thursday, August 17

Holiday gone bye bye

Well it looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day today on the Island.
Hubby has gone back to work after a month long holiday, We had a wonderful time we didn't leave the Island, Just stayed here and discovering new beaches went for long drives and with the price of gas it was rather costly to do that, but I have to say the best part of his whole holiday was spending time with our Grandson, he's so cute.

But now I can start back to my knitting which I seriously neglected this summer I have so many projects and so much time to get it done, The winters are so long here and I don't take part in any winter sports at all... well I might watch the odd hockey game but I don't do sports myself. I'm going to get organized today get my stuff together for my next project

I'm thinking of getting a new template for my blog does anyone have suggestions I'd love to hear from you I see so many great ones out there.

Thanks for dropping in

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Casey said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what knitting projects you have planned. Sorry you didn't win any ribbons at the fair but I'm glad you had fun!