Friday, August 4


My little darling Nate went to get his needles yesterday, and he had his 6month assessment he did well.
He must have a high tolerance for pain because he hardly cried.
He now weighs 15 pounds 11 ounce, He's becoming a big boy,... he also said for the first time yesterday.
I was so happy for Kel I thought she was going to cry.

I've started the mate to my jaywalkes while I was at the beach Wednesday it is coming along so much faster then the first one I guess it is because I know what I'm doing and that I know I can do it.
I'm also picking up where I left off with my little Mabel dress. These are going to be my main objectives for the months.

Here are a few shots of Cavendish Beach hope you enjoy

The beautiful sand dunes

this shot of the red cliff belongs to cari_pei

My Inookshuk

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eLIZabeth said...


Buzzing by to say hello. Enjoyed your pics. They remind me of my beloved New England.