Sunday, August 13

Sorry no knitting today

I haven’t been doing much knitting lately, Most of my time has been spent with my grandson, I’ve been looking after him a lot.
He is so sweet I can’t put him down not even for one second.

Hub and I are going over to the fair grounds today to see how I made out with my knitting stuff I haven’t heard anything from the officials yet, I don’t know if that is a good thing or not.
I’ll take the camera with me and post the winners when I get back..

Later on this afternoon my cousin Debbie is holding an open house for all the girl cousins in our family, On my Mom’s side of the family. I come from a very large family so I know it will be a great turn out. a "hen party" their calling it. I have some pretty funny relatives so I’m expecting a fun time.

My sister Eileen her daughter Marlene and her two little ones are here from Toronto but are leaving Wednesday so this is a chance for them to see everyone in one place.
I think that is a great idea well I must go start my day thanks for dropping in


Anonymous said...

Being one of the girl cousins, I wish I could be there. Please say hello to everyone for me. Hope you all have a terrific time!


knittingnanna said...

Oh Bev you would have had a great time, you were asked about and thought about a lot.
I think we are going to make it an annual event.
Eileen is heading back tomorrow. So it was nice for her to get to see everyone :-)

shirley said...

yes it was a wonderful afternoon,just wish Bev Linda and Donna could have been there maybe next time.

jen said...

Good luck at the fair and hope your "hen party" is as fun as expected. Enjoy your grandson - they grow up fast!