Friday, September 29

We went for the longest walk yesterday. I wanted to enter a Autumn photo contest,

The leaves have just begun to change colours here,

So we walk along the nature trail looking for that perfect picture that would leave you speechless.

I took so many shots of what I thought would just knock your socks off. I filled the entire memory card up.

When we got back home I just couldn't wait to up load all these awesome pictures.

Well you can imagine how disappointed I was only 1 picture turned out. All the shots were blurry. I am at a lost as to what happened I don't know maybe the battery wasn't strong enough?

Well I'm going to get new batteries today and give it one more try I hope that it's just the weak batteries at fault.


shirley said...

sorry to hear that the pictures didn't take the one that did is just awesome

Ellen said...

the one posted turned out really nice, and love the pic's of the little one, what a sweetie :)

nanna said...

Thank you so much guys yep I'll enter this one then :)