Saturday, September 23

Welcome to Autumn

Saturday September 23 7:30am

Welcome to Autumn (or as Boomer calls it autumnal equinox)

Here it is another Saturday and another Saturday sky shot from my back deck, Sorry about that ,but I don’t feel like venturing far from home today. I have a pounding headache I hope I’m not getting that flu that has a grip on half the population of the Island, including my first born.

Speaking of my first born we had her Mike and the baby over for the last barbeque of Summer yesterday.
I can’t get over how fast Nate is growing, and how mobile he’s getting and I do believe that he will be a stand up comic he started to make farting noises, he’ll look you in the eyes make the noise stop wait for the laugher then gets this look on his face that says ha ha made you laugh. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Hubby just reminded me that we have to go to the grocery store. A chore I despise but it has to be done or else we don’t eat. Thank you for dropping in


Love, Laugh, Live. said...

wow mom this isn't a boring shot I love the way the clouds look.

shirley said...

beautiful sky,sure hope your not getting the flu.did you take some pictures of the last summer BBQ

Ellen said...

Love the photo !!

hope you don't have to wait in line ups at the grocery store :)

enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Ellen said...

hope you enjoy the recipe Nanna :)
posted some pics of our trip to the orchard too :)