Friday, October 20

ear flap hat

ear flap hat
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I was up late last night with a
persistent annoying cough.Not wanting to keep everyone up I went down stairs...put on a pot of tea went and got my Rubbermaid container where I keep all my knitting magazines seeing if I could find something new to make. I came across family circle easy knitting winter 2003/04. I remember having started an ear flap late last winter so I looked for my bag(s) of UFO's and there it was right where I left it (9 months ago)so I picked it up... right where I left off and finished it as well as a pair of matching mittens made on 2 needles. And that's what I did when I should have been sleeping


pei_girl said...

what a lovely hat and mittens.sure hope you feel better soon hugs ;0)

Joan Wright said...

Hi - I am Joan in live in Brandon, Manitoba. Have been wearing these mittens for several years and had no idea what they were until coming across the pattern, by trial and error - have made myself several and now going to work on a cap to match! Many thanks from a "downhomer" for such great mittens.