Sunday, October 1

Flea Market Anyone

Well what a dull Sunday we have on the Island today. It started off beautifully sunny
but not so now.
Yesterday we had this brilliant idea to clean out the spare bedroom and make it a proper nursery for Nate.
We had 5 trash bags full of old cloths, stuffed animals, old tole painted wood old CD's so much stuff that we thought it would be an awesome thing if we rented a table at our local flea market.

So first thing this morning we had our coffee loaded up the car and off we went with plans of how we would spend the small fortune we were about to make.

It took us about 20 minutes to set the table up just so. And had our first sale soon after $5 for a old cd we no longer listen to. WOW!!!! we thought we are doing good!
Then we sold a play station game for $5 then I sold a blue mountain dog for $4 that was before the doors were even open to the public.
Then the door open and we sat there and sat there and sat
for 1 hour waiting we didn’t sell one thing we only made enough to pay for the table.
It was such a let down I tell ya we packed up early and were just about to leave when this kind lady bought an old lamp I had. When we got home we added up what we made and drum roll please $ 30
What a wasted Sunday. Oh well live and learn


Ellen said...

well not a big windfall but at least a little bit :)

have a great day Nanna :)

CaliGirl said...

sometimes its better just to do a yard sale infront of your house. sorry to hear it didnt turn out the way you expected.


shirley said...

well you did leave 30 dollars more than when you went but it could have been just a bad day at the flea market.

knittingnanna said...

I thought we should've had a yard sale too but my first idea was to trash it all... but with waste watch I didn't know if it would have been rejected or not.

And yes $30 is not bad for a bunch of junk :)

CaliGirl said...

if you arent sure about waste watch...load up the car and take it down to the dump yourself. it cost under $10 if i remember right when i took a bunch of stuff out in our van when we had it.

nanna said...

Thank you for the info but where is the dump? Do I take it to the waste watch site ?