Friday, October 6

I believe I have a problem

Okay I believe I have a problem
I'm spending way too much time in computer land and not enough time here in the real world.

I got up this morning with the intentions of doing housework which is in desperate need of my dust bunnies have dust bunnies,cutting the grass which looks like an old hay field, and finish my dish cloth that was suppose to be done yesterday.

When I walked by the computer and I thought I'll just check my emails... Then I thought I'll just pop over to flickr for a sec... Then it was over to freckle girl so glad she's back I missed her...

Then on to pixie purlsThen over to knitting Iris (that woman amazes me...Love her socks)

Then Casey Then Island News ...Then Caligirl and so on... And so on... When I checked the time I nearly fainted.

I spent nearly three hours reading everyone's Blogs I'm addicted and I don't know what to do.

Anyway I'm going to shut this thing down now and try to forget we have a computer for a while at least long enough for me to do all the stuff that needs to be done.

(it's hard to type with your fingers crossed) wink wink


pei_girl said...

well well nanna your not the only one addicted,think of all the millions on line,and besides you never neglect your family or home,I can vouch for that:o)

Ellen said...

it is very addicting,, I have to read my emails and check in on my regular blog friends every morning. and I can spoil and hour really quick just doing that.

but its also relax time :) I call it my ME time.. haha

frecklegirl jess said...

Thanks, Nanna! :)