Friday, October 27

Little Darling

My First Photo for EYE CANDY FRIDAY

Hi good morning to you.
Well this day is starting off as a wet dismal day again I don't know if the weather where you live is any better but I can't imagine it could be worst, For weeks now it's done nothing but rain.

Makes you just wanna climb back into bed and pull the covers over your head and stay there for ever. The dog hasn't been out for her walks, and she is going crazy I'm just going to take her on a long wet walk today

Well I've been working on the Newfoundland Mittens I can't get over how addictive these little things are.
I enjoy making the ear flap hat too... They make it a cute set ( I love making sets)

I better go grab a bite to eat and throw some clothes on and take my beast out for her walk.
Here's hoping for some better weather. soon
Thanks for dropping in.


Ellen said...

what a sweet picture :)

its been rainy and dreary here too, hope you get some sunshine soon Nanna :)

pei_girl said...

what a living doll !! :0)