Saturday, October 7


I'm up early today 'cause I had to get a picture of the full moon for the Scavenger hunt. hope you like my way too early saturday sky.

Full Harvest Moon

My dish cloth I tried to find black cotton yarn but didn't have any luck

Our First Frost

Saturday sky This is @ 8:30

Our First Frost


Ellen said...

definately can not denie that fall is upon us, before we know it, the snow will be falling ,

the pictures are great !

enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

Bev said...

Bravo! Looks as if the early bird got the best shot. Fantastic view of the full harvest moon, almost art-like.

We haven't had our first frost yet, but it will come soon. Our forecast for the Thanksgiving week-end calls for sun & warm temperatures.

Hope you have a great holiday feast!!

pei_girl said...

the pictures are just awesome,the moon,is beautiful.have a wonderful happy thanksgiving.

knittingnanna said...

Thank you I know it won't be long until snow flies yuck but it's just beautiful today 20*