Wednesday, October 11

what a weekend

Hello I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving day weekend.
I know I did we had the family all over for a huge meal and little Nate had his first taste of turkey and with his first bite he said mmmmm' which did my ego good.

I also dug a new flower bed in the back yard I am putting in some tulips, daffodils, crocus and some new flower I’m not sure of allium and some Chionodoxa (snow glories ).

On knitting news
I started a pair of jaywalkres with the yarn that Cari bought me. Paton kroy sock jacquards (tuttie fruttie) This is a far better yarn then what I used for my first pair. last time I used a baby sport weight yarn a bit too heavy to use as socks, more like a slipper but a beautiful one.

Later on today I’ll venture down to the basement to hall out the Halloween decorations and I have to decide on what I’ll be handing out for treats this year chips or bars.
Last year we had way too much left over and we were eating that junk well into December.
We live in a highly populated neighbourhood... but the kids are getting older and not going out as much... two years ago we didn’t have enough we had to turn away a lot of disappointed ghosts and ghouls
I’ll be making a lasagna and a salad for tonight’s supper and apple crisp for dessert so I suppose I should say bye and get going on my day thanks for dropping in have a nice day

This is Nate supporting his team

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Ellen said...

sounds like a busy day for you :)

before we know it the little ghosts and gobblins will be making their rounds.
Hard to believe we are almost to the middle of Oct !! wasn't it just yesterday we were in Sept ???

time is flying by too quickly.

enjoy your up coming weekend Nanna