Friday, November 17

Happy Birthday


On the 20th of this month Kelli will be 23 Years old

Happy Birthday Kelli I’m not going to embarrass you too much.
Twenty Three years ago you came into this world and was placed into the arms of two people who hadn’t a clue on how to be parents... but you made it easy.

You were the perfect baby. So easy going happy and contented all the time slept through the night right from the start.
You grew up so fast you were talking and walking and before we knew it you were starting kindergarten.
You made us all so proud throughout your twelve years of school then in college. You never gave us a moment of worry.

And now you made us the happiest Grandparents on earth.
My heart fills with joy when I see you with your boy.
He is so much like his mother it amazes me.
I love how you come to me with all your questions on parenting.
We looking back through your baby book at all the little milestones and seeing your face light up... WOW!!!! Nate is doing that too.
The only advice I can give to you is take your time enjoy every moment... and hold on tight you're in for the best years of your life.
Hope your day is full of fun.
Happy Birthday Darling.I love you

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Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, Happy Birthday Kelli!!!! I hope you get lots of special surprises today!! hehe

I know what you mean about not knowing how to be parents. I felt exactly like that when I had my first too!

I looked at my Mom while holding my new little baby and said "don't they come with a manual??" Soon after, she bought me Dr. Spocks child care book! hehe

Have a wonderful weekend!