Sunday, November 12

Hi... Well I had a very productive weekend had the entire house all to myself .
Hubby had to work. And Cari was busy with her life.
So what did Nanna do with all this time, You might ask yourself. Well I did some much needed house cleaning, Scrubbed the floors cleaned the windows took the screens in wash all the summer clothes folded and put them away for the winter then I washed all the winter clothes Just so they would be nice and fresh for the season and I tried on a few things and it looks like some of my stuff may have shrunk ;)
No seriously I think I may have gained a few over the summer.
I must do something about that.
On Sunday I cleaned the back yard got most of the landmines scooped up and raked the leaves My maple tree is now completely bare. Then it started to rain so I put on the tea and knitted for awhile.
Next weekend I'll do the basement.


Anonymous said...

holy cow!! you were very busy! listen, when your all done with your cleaning, do you suppose you could come over here and do some in my house? hehehe
I am just kidding... sorta!

but you sure have been productive. My 'landmines' in my back yard are being cleaned up as I write this. You have to be very assertive in this house about getting that done. The kiddos don't like doing it... hehe

Have a wonderful week!!

pei_girl said...

wowwwwwwww you sure had a very busy weekend,should have called I would have went over and given you a hand,it would have been nice to spend some time together,not sure how much help i would have been (just kidding)lol hope you have a wonderful happy day :0)

Ellen said...

You've been busy Nanna :)

I called on one of my sisters to come help me get my weekend cleaning done today since she also had the day off,, I still had all my cleaning and laundry to get done before starting work tomorrow and still had to make phone calls about my sister in hospital.. thankfully my other sister was able to help out and we were done in record time and i even managed to make a nice supper including an apple crisp for dessert :)
have a great week !