Saturday, November 4

Saturday sky

Here it goes my first post in November First off we had a quiet Halloween night.
I guess we had a few more kids than most had around here. I had enough treats for eighty and had twenty left by the end of the night. Of course I did sneak a few for myself( he... he... he. )

Here is the new pair of Newfie mittens I'm making these for daughter #one Kelli, She asked me to make the other mitten the opposite of this one. And I, being a constant people pleaser... Shall oblige.

Oh I almost forgot today is Saturday here is today's sky!

8:am, today is -2 Celsius that is 30 Fahrenheit, same as last week.


Ellen said...

you seem to be whipping those mittens out pretty fast Nanna :)

have a great weekend :)

Chaunisey in Sudbury, ON said...

Thank you for having these wonderful patterns posted on your site. You have been more helpful than you can imagine. It is just wonderful.

Dad said...

Great sky