Saturday, November 25

Saturday Sky

Saturday sky.
It is another gorgeous Saturday here on the Island what a day for a parade. This is the annual Santa Claus parade here in Charlottotown.
And for the second year in a row it will be at night.

Hubby promised me that the first nice Saturday he would put up the outside decoration for me...So honey get busy.

I made up my mind on what to make with my wool and you might already have guessed yes Newfie Mitts.
Well he is down in the basement crashing and bumping in to stuff so I better go lend a hand or I’ll be hearing about this well in to April.

Oh before I go I must wish my great niece Taylor a Happy Birthday you’re a teenager,
Now it's time to put some grey-hair on your Moms head (just kidding)

Thanks For Dropping In

This is the finished dishcloth November Mid-Month - Poinsettia

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pei_girl said...

hi nanna this is Taylor thank you for wishing me a happy birthday.nanny and I are going shopping for my gift.I love the pictures of the parade.