Wednesday, November 29

Today was a very busy day at our house.
I had Kelli and Nate over for breakfast, We went out to buy our trees we ended up getting the same one.
This will be the first time I had an artificial Christmas tree in at least 6 years I just didn’t want the hassle of a real tree this year I'm just too lazy to look after it and I couldn’t put up my old one it looked like Charlie Brown’s tree for sure.
When we got home we put my tree up, At first he was afraid of it. But after the lights went on he liked it a little bit more.
Then when all the ornaments went on he thought it was a toy for him to play with.
It was the cutest thing ever. I just know he will have it stripped bare by the end of the month oh the fun of it all.
Now I have to go put all the boxes down in the basement And watch Medium so glad that show is back on


Anonymous said...

He is adorable! And the tree looks great!


pei_girl said...

just love the picture of Nate and the tree is lovely I hope you get all you wanted shopping:0)