Tuesday, November 21

Well we had a nice quiet birthday celebration for Kelli Yesterday
we had one of her favorite meals homemade Donairs and Dairy Queen Ice cream cake.

Hubby and I gave her a Willow tree figurine, Tenderness.
Cari gave her a willow tree figurine as well, Heart and Soul.

She received Money form her uncle Billy and a gift card from Chaylon.

But you would not believe What her boyfriend Mike gave her... He gave her THE RING !!!!!!
So now we get to plan a wedding. We are so excited!

The Birthday Girl

Nate and Daddy

The Ring


Lena said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! WHAHOOOOOO!!! and what a beautiful ring!!! wow!! was she expecting it? hehe

knittingnanna said...

not at all it was a complete surprise to us all

we knew some day it would happen they have been together almost 6 years High school sweethearts

Kelli said...

Actually it's almost 7 years Mom!!!