Tuesday, December 26

Boxing Day

Nate just loved his new car a gift from his Aunt Cari

Nate having fun in his new wagon but there's not enough room... We have to take this one outside
This is Nate's Daddy playing with his new hot wheels set hehehe
How was your Christmas?

Mine was marvelous. We had a small gathering for the meal and the guest of honor looked awesome in his new Christmas clothes and I do believe he enjoyed his first Christmas.

At first he didn't want to open any of his gifts but once he got started you couldn't stop him.
He loves his ride on toys very much.

I got a Limited edition Tea cup and saucer and a coffee mug
lots of yarn and a beautiful Debbie Bliss Book, I can't wait to knit from, Nate you're about to get a new sweater
A new stew pot that got a work out already and lots of $$$$ for the sales tomorrow.

I didn't get my White Christmas But it's snowing now.
I hope all of you had a great day as well.


Ellen said...

We had a wonderful Christmas as well Nanna :)

our daughter bought her dad a new camera to hook up to the XBox and our son who is in Ontario hooked his up so we had a virtual Christmas with the whole family, it was so nice to be able to see them opening their gifts along with us, this was the next best thing to having him and his girlfriend home with us.

all the best to you and yours in the new year Nanna !!

pei_girl said...

Nate looks so adorable in his Christmas outfit he is such a sweetie,we also had a really nice christmas Stephen Lori and Chase left today to go back home it was just wonderful having them home for Christmas.
hugs Shirley

frecklegirl jess said...

So adorable! Gotta love kids in their holiday finery!

Happy belated Christmas and birthday! Running a bit behind over here. ;)