Tuesday, December 19

An Early Birthday For Me

From Kelli From Cari

Well Yesterday was a very busy day for me.
Kelli and Nate came over for the day.They gave me my Birthday present a few days early I got the dvd of one of my favorite movies of all times Christmas Vacation I still laugh until I cry when I watch it Thank you Kelli xoxoxoxo

Cari gave me 2 balls of Kroy yarn and the sweetest Knitting Book I ever saw, Natural knits for Babies and Moms By Louisa Harding.
Every pattern in this book is just darling, I know how I’ll be spending my winter now. Thank you Cari, xoxoxoxo.
I’ll wait until Friday to open Hubbies gift. I have to save something for my actual birthday I still can’t get my head around the fact that I’m going to be 44.

We did some shopping and a whole lot of baking we made holiday cupcakes, ginger snaps, butter cookies and last but not least... my Christmas wouldn’t be complete without... Scotch cookies. I use the recipe off the box of corn starch. The best melt in your mouth cookies ever.
So most all of my baking is completed, Just my fudge, peanut butter cups and peanut butter balls to make. I'll make the pies and rolls on Christmas Eve.
Oh well I must go pick up this place I find it so hard to keep up with the house work lately.


Ellen said...

Wow lots of goodies at your house at Christmas time :-)

Happy Birthday !!!! mine was this past Sunday, we're only 2 yrs apart :)

Have a very happy birthday!!
hopefully it will be a day where you can do whatever you want for the WHOLE day :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! I was tickled to find your blog. I'm a PEI native now living on the other coast. I love hearing about things from home (and almost 30 years later, PEI is still home).