Friday, December 22

Happy Birthday to me

My Birthday
Well I had a fantastic day Kelli and the boy came over and spent the entire day with me.
She treated Cari and I to lunch then we spent the rest of the day chatting away, it was fun.
My sister Shirley dropped by this morning with a bag full of beautiful yarn she couldn't stay long though ,she has her son and his wife and grandson home for the holidays.

Hubby gave me a pair of fun pajamas. Think I'll be living in these for the rest of the winter. ;-)
Cari treated us to a pizza for supper my favorite
My sister Linda and her husband Earl dropped in for a while this evening, which was so nice they just moved back to the Island after more then 37 years of living away.
I'm going to pamper myself and take a long soak in the tub then have a hot cup of tea and watch Coronation Street.
Thanks Every one for making my day so special ((Hugs))

almost forgot here are the little slippers I made for Nate cute eh!


pei_girl said...

so happy you had a wonderful birthday,and the slippers are real cute,Nate is just adorable maybe next time he will sit with me.have a wonderful happy day
hugs :0)

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Nanna !!!

Hope you have a safe and Happy Christmas !!