Friday, January 19

Eye Candy Friday

The temperature has warmed up a lot since yesterday. It is 0 today yesterday it was -32.
When I took the dog for her walk I had to wear long johns, two pairs of socks, a pair of mittens over my gloves, and a hat.
I don't own a hat so I wore Cari's.
When I got home I started n my own.
There wasn't much to do because of the cold so I watched a lot of TV this week.
I discovered a new program on the CBC it is produced in Atlantic Canada and it is very interesting it is called living east if you don't get this channel you can watch whole episodes on their web site HERE.
You have to watch The first episode. There is a segment on knitting

This is the start of my new hat I'm using up the last bit of Great Northern Knitters yarn. The colours will go perfect with my winter coat.

The dog is here whining to go for her walk so I better take her Have a great day keep safe

1 comment:

Ellen said...

the ornament is CUTE !

its at least warmer today Nanna :-)

Have a great weekend !!