Sunday, January 14

My Selfish Sunday

How I spent my Sunday. I started my day off with toast and coffee, then the dog and I walked the DVD's back to the rental place, came home and did an incredible workout, that took 90 minutes.
After my shower, I had a quick lunch, a bowl of soup and a toasted tomato sandwich, then I had a cup of tea put on a CD of my favorite tunes and started a new pair of socks. I know I said I'd be starting a tunic for myself but it is getting so boring already so I put it aside for a while.
Then I looked through some of my cook books and came across a fat free oatmeal cookie recipe and I had all the ingredients so I made them, and I'm so happy to say they tasted great, so if I ever feel the need of something sweet I know I can have ONE of these
And that was my Sunday. It was nice to spend it doing what I wanted.

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