Sunday, January 28

A nice way to spend a night

We had an lovely time last night, we were invited to a birthday dinner for Nate, at the home of Brian and Cindy. Nate's other grand parents. They are excellent hosts they really know how to make you feel welcomed.
They are wonderful people no wonder they have such great children.
We had a delicious meal, Nate got some fantastic gifts.
I thought I left my camera at home so I didn't take any pics, But I had it with me the entire time in my coat pocket, Kelli and Sara took plenty. They also shot some great video they'll make us a copy, and if I can find a way to post it I will :D
I do believe he is the most photographed baby in history. But with a face like that can you blame us.
It was so cold in our house when we return home I got right in my jammies and went right to bed and didn't wake up till 9am
I'm planing on staying put today do a little cleaning and baking and I hope to squeeze in a bit of knitting I'd like to finish the socks soon I'm afraid I'll lose momentum and they'll never be done.
Well thanks for dropping in...Stay warm


Ellen said...

sounds like everyone had a good time, its great when both sides of the family gets along :)

give Nate a big hug for me ,he's just so cute!!

Christy J said...

What a coincidence! When we corresponded about the jack o lantern sweater last October, you said your grandson was about the same age, but it turns out his birthday is exactly the same day as my grandson's. My daughter had a party for him with all grandparents and friends and I took lots of photos. I posted one of him mucking with his cake. We are both blessed.