Saturday, January 13

Saturday Sky

Not much to say had a quite week didn't go any where. The diet is going great, Only cheated twice once at McDonalds only because we were at Walmart and the kids wanted to grab a bite to eat. And yesterday I ate at subway soup and a sub I am very proud of myself fast foods are my biggest temptation.
I am still working out everyday early in the morning I find that it is a good time for me as I like to get up early.
I feel like I have a lot more energy and the dog is loving it.
I haven't had the courage to get on the scale yet! That will take a bit more time.
Cari is very excited about the house. They picked out the colour for the kitchen / Living room they get the keys on February 9th and have the moving van reserved for the 10th, So we will be very busy painting on the 9th, She wants to have the painting done before they move in and the poor sweetie is having car trouble all ready... They think her water pump is shot the car keeps over heating, stupid cars
The weather here has been so weird just this morning I've see the sun the rain and as I look out the window I see it's snowing WOW!!!! strange winter eh!
I hope you all have a great weekend.

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