Thursday, February 22


Good luck to Sara MacRae who is representing PEI for curling at the Canada Games in Whitehorse YT!!!!!

Hey all you Knittingnanna fans! It's Kelli sorry I haven't been keeping up with all of Nanna's activities I'm awful busy with my little Nate! Well I just wanted to let everyone know that Nanna will probably be a little longer in getting back into things we had a little set back (wireless card won't work in the computer Linda and Earl gave her) Thanks for stopping by and I'll try to write more later!


Ellen said...

Thanks for the update Kelli, say hi to Nanna for me.

your little guy is sooo sweet, you must be very proud of him :)

have a great weekend!!

Ellen said...

Hi to Nanna, hope you get a computer up and running soon.

Say hi to your sister for me too please :)