Wednesday, March 28

A day with my sister


Well I just popped in to my sisters and thought I'd do a post.

I went to Michael's and bought some more sock yarn, I'm not to sure of the colour but it was the only stripping yarn they had.

Shirley got the yarn to make my afghan I picked a brown and tan because I am boring, she is making all the sisters one. we have a huge family 6 girls and 2 boys so she has a lot of crocheting to do she already has 2 made

This is the one she made for Linda


Ellen said...

beautiful afghan !!

Hi ladies :)

hope this wintery weather leaves us soon !! after the nice days we had its hard to believe winter is upon us again!!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey What a Beautiful Afghan I only hope I will some day be able to make one.
Keep up the great work with all your knitting .

Have a Great Day and a Smiley Day