Sunday, March 11

new name same old place

Hi, everyone,thanks to Kelli for keeping this thing up and running.
I know it's been forever since I had a post on here, but it has been so cold lately I haven't ventured outside in a long time.
But since it has warmed up I thought it would be a good day to get out.

And this is a kit I picked up at the superstore It is for a baby sweater set size 0-18 months,
Now I must go get caught up on my favourite blogs and go check up on flickr maybe I'll do the hunt this month


Bev said...

Welcome back! Really missed reading your news and seeing the great photos you post. Glad to hear Shirley will also be a contributor. There seems to be a warming trend here too. Let's hope the arctic temperatures are finished and we can look forward to Spring-like weather now. Have a great day.



Ellen said...

Good to see you back !!

I should have taken a picture of the blanket I crotched for the new baby, I don't knit but I do crotch blankets, they are quick and easy, haha but don't ask me to follow a pattern I have not a clue..

Did Shirley tell you we spoke on the phone ? it was great to hear from her felt like we've known one another for years :)

Have a great day Nanna!!