Wednesday, April 18

Back online!

I want to thank Kelli and Shirley for letting me use their computers while I was waiting to get my own.

I finally got my new computer and have the Internet installed now, I'm just going to have to get used to Windows Vista (which by the way is crap, don't get it).I'm so use to XP and this old brain of mine doesn't adjust to well. I'm having a lot of problems trying to find things. It won't let me download MSN messenger and the new sidebar thing is crap! Well I'm done venting I'll write more about that later!
I found this vintage kroy yarn at value village in a bag for .99 cents I know a pair of socks just waiting to be made.

1 comment:

pei girl said...

you hit the jackpot with the yarn!!way to go can't wait to se the socks have an awesome day:0)