Tuesday, April 24

spring at last

Yesterday the weather couldn't have been any better we broke a heat record for that date we reached 21C, so as you might guess I spent as much time possible out doors.

I took a look around at the gardens and not much is growing just little green shoots sticking out.But my neighbour's gardens is another story she has actual flowers all her spring bulbs have bloomed I'm not jealous or nothing.

Cari came into town before her shift started so we could take Kelli to look at some dresses at Sears I really like this one but of course they don't have it at our store. The plan is to have a garden wedding. Which sounds perfect.Kelli she is such a down to earth girl who doesn't like too much fuss,( she takes after me) we might have to order it from the catalog and hope that it is just what she wants I just hate sending things back if its not what you expect it to be.

Pei_girl made my supper last night she made a recipe she got off a blog And I have to admit it was good and I agree with her it could use more noodles. I had a spring mix salad with it and I'm still full.

On knitting news guess what ??I started a new sock with some yarn that I conned from Pei_girl just kidding she is always giving me yarn to feed my addiction and saving me a lot of money.

Today is going to be another good one, so I have no excuse not to clean up the backyard of all the crap that found its way there over the winter. First I'll go visit my blogs, Then start on that yard work.

Have a good day.(((hugs)))


pei girl said...

I love the dress kelli will look so sweet in it,and woww love the sock,happy you enjoyed your supper I think today is going to be an other nice one,have a great day nanna ((hugs)):0)

Kelli said...

I hope it's as nice today as it was yesterday! You can almost smell summer in the air!

Ellen said...

another nice day !! can't wait to get into the garden !!

Have a great day ladies !!!