Monday, May 14

Mother's Day

I had an awesome day yesterday... I got to see everyone, hubby waited on me hand and foot.
He made the most delicious casserole, with a spring mixed salad. yummy.
I had a wonderful visit with Nate, he is very active, getting in to everything... and I do mean everything.

You got anything good in here Nan ?

When they gave me my gift I cried it is the most beautiful necklace ever

I'm going to wear this everyday

I went to the garden centre and picked out a few plants I'm thinking about theses

I love to have these baskets and the Gerbera Daisy's are gorgeous this year. Don't you think?

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pei girl said...

the necklace is just beautiful I am so happy you had a wonderful day nanna,did Nate find something good:0)