Monday, May 7

Oh it's starting all ready

Wedding plans are now in full swing,
Kelli is making out the invitations today and picking out the favors she will be giving out.
She's starting to feel overwhelm by it all. I try to tell her It's alright and to just take things one at a time, and that things have a way of working themselves out but she has a hard time believing me. She's now worried about the food," Will everyone like the meal?".
I'm concerned she is going to be all stressed out and forget to enjoy herself, I want her to be able to look back on this time and have only happy memories.
please wish me luck I'm sure I'll need it :)

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pei girl said...

I just know what your going through with 3 weddings under my roof and you can tell kelli that it will all be just great to try and relax and to listen to her mommy.tell her I am only a phone call away.have an awesome day nanna:0)