Wednesday, May 9

So serious Nate and Aggie (Nate for Aunt Cari)
well...are you gonna give me a push?

It seem that everyone on this Island is sick, the latest victims Hubby and Kelli a nasty head cold is making the rounds.
Cari and I went to drop off a sample of the icing she is planning to ice the wedding cake with and
Kelli was feeling so awful that we took Nate for the afternoon, to let her rest up a bit... there is nothing worst than being sick with a toddler to run after.
We took Nate to the playground he had a blast.I hope we tired him out enough so he slept well enough for mommy to get a full nights rest in.
I spent the rest of the night knitting on the sock it seems to be taking forever to finish the darn thing maybe tonight there is a lot of good TV to watch and I love knitting while watching,
The weather here has been excellent so I'm thinking about putting the patio furniture out on the deck and enjoy it.
The flowers are starting to bloom about 2 weeks later then they did last year but last year was unusually warm. so we are probably right on schedule I have to divide my hostas soon... I have a new home all picked out for 'em.
Next week we have two family members with birthdays, so I'll have to get out and buy cards. I think I'll give them both a dozen of these cupcakes they are so good.
Wow I just realized I have a lot to do today so I'd better go get started.

Thanks for dropping in.

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pei girl said...

hope Kelli and Duane are feeling better bad time of the year to get a cold and Nate is his usual handsome little man.have an awesome day nanna :0)