Thursday, May 31

Once in a blue moon

Well it has been awhile eh?
I haven't done a whole lot of knitting lately. I started a cardigan and I think I made a boo boo in my choice of yarn,
I decide to use Paton's Be Mine and I'm having a difficult time trying to distinguish which is the knit side and which is the purl side. I got this yarn on sale, at what I thought was an excellent price, $2.00 a ball ($6.00 regular) so I thought how could I go wrong.
and I had this cardigan in mind when I bought it so I'll really be disappointed if I can't make the darn thing.
(Besides I have no other use for this yarn. ) purl side...I think? knit?A real nice cardigan an old pattern circa 1970's

I did very little work on the garden. We still have a risk of frost and I've learned from previous years you can't rush mother nature, So I'll just sit and wait.

I had a sleep over last night.
Kelli and Nate were over and kept me company while hubby worked nights it was so nice to be woke up by his little giggles instead of the old alarm clock


PEI Girl said...

love the pattern for the sweater,don't think I would like to knit with that yarn but you have such great patience I know you will make a beautiful job,it is so great having sleepovers I know I love having my Grands over as often as they want to come.have an awesome day nanna and give that beautiful grandson of your a big kiss and hugs from me :0)

Ellen said...

it looks like it would be hard to work with that yarn ,, but when your done your going to have the softest cuddlies sweater !!!

you'll have to post a pic of the finished product !!

Carol said...

@pei girl Yes sleepovers are fun and you know how much I hate when Hub works nights so I loved having the company

@Eleen if I finish it I sure will be showing it off and yes it will be a very soft cosy sweater