Wednesday, May 2

What a difference a day makes... They say if you don't like the weather on the Island just wait a minute. Funny 'cause it's true.

Yesterday we had snow on the ground, but the rain soon came and took it away.

The farmers call that poor man's fertilizer. So maybe it will be of some use.

Today we are suppose to have sun and warmer temperatures so I'm really looking forward to getting out in that.(maybe take the camera and get some eye candy shots

On knitting news I finely got this sock off the needles since I got the computer I've been spending way to much time online and less time knitting.

I really love the way this yarn knitted up the way it stripes is amazing. It's Regia patch antik color 5759 18100,

Now to start the other one I hope I can find the right spot to start knitting so it doesn't look too off. (Knitters will know what I mean)

I Hope wherever you are, you have a chance to get out and enjoy this day.


pei girl said...

the sock is just beautiful love the pattern have a great day nanna :0)

Heidi said...

Cute sock. I love the way the yarn stripes. Hope you get it to match!

Military Mommy said...

What a cool pattern - love the colors!