Thursday, June 7

A Day In The Country

We went over to Cari's place to help dig a new flower bed but the day was just too perfect.
The Island was the warmest spot in Canada yesterday, So we just lazed about enjoyed ourselves in the country side It's a long drive to Aggie's house glad I got my stinky ball
see the bee having a feast
look at all these flowers
I think I'll pick one for mom... and one for nan... and one for Aggie!


PEI Girl said...

wow just love the pictures of Nate handsome little man.have a awesome day nanna:0)

Ellen said...

Great Pictures Nanna !!

Jennifer said...

Oh, you got a picture of a bee too! Ha. They must just love the bleeding heart plants.

My kids enjoy picking dandelions too. I have pots of them lining my windowsill. *sigh*