Tuesday, June 19

I know I'm not suppose to post any pictures of the KAL until the end, but I think I'm doing something wrong with this cloth It just doesn't look right to me. is anyone out there making the monthly dishcloth having as much of a problem as I am ? This is my 3rd attempt at it. Does it look right to you? I'm using Bernat cotton, colourway= Country Sage Ombre.
In other news look what the mailman brought me today this year I'll be entering the little Mabel dress, the Debbie Bliss all-in-one, If I finish it in time, And a pair of Newfie mitts And I might enter something in the food category just haven't decided on what yet !the all-in-one is coming along great I work on it every chance I get.


Jan-Knit said...

Your cloth looks right. My edges were not straight, either. If it were a garment, I would depend on blocking to straighten it out. But for a washcloth, I didn't worry about it. (I like your yarn choice.)

pei girl said...

wow nanna love the onesies you sure are doing a wonderful job with all your knitting I just love the Mabel dress.have an awesome day nanna:0)