Saturday, June 16

Saturday sky

We had an awesome day yesterday. The Girls came in to celebrate a late Birthday and an early Father's Day with Hubby. They got him a MP3 player, that he has only been asking for since forever, loaded it with all his favourite music. Then took us both out for a meal, we went to Hunter's ale house. That's where the kids go on Thursday for Newman's trivia.
I have never been there before too expensive for me. I had the best fish n' chips ever. Hubby got what else a double cheeseburger which he said was the best restaurant burger he's had since he moved here from B.C. I was stuffed and couldn't finish my meal, I always feel so bad when someone else is picking up the tab.After we ate we took a walk down to Peaks Quay and Kelli bought Nate the smallest pair of crocs I have ever seen. sooooo sweet And then Nate had his very first... and somehow I doubt it will be his last, Cow's Ice cream
yep! we had an awesome day :)


pei girl said...

happy to hear you all had a great day,oh my goodness the size of that burger!!the pictures of Nate are just adorable have an awesome day nanna:o)

Kelli said...

Happy Father's Day! We love you Grandad!

Cari said...

Happy Father's Day Daddy,I love you. xoxoxo

Ivy said...

Your Grandson is gorgeous

Ellen said...

Ahh Nate looks like he is REALLY enjoying that icecream !! what a sweetie :)

Have a great day Nanna :)

Jennifer said...

Mmmmmm, Cow's ice cream...and look at Nate's big smile!

I took a peek at the menu on the Hunter's Ale House website. It would take me half the day just to figure out what to order! It seems like the chowder would be worth a try, since it won an award. I'm glad you had such a great time!