Wednesday, June 27

Warm Wednesday

What a gorgeous day we have here on the Island today. I spent the entire day outside in the sun.

I took a walk up to the library. I had a few books requested and they all came in on the same day must have been all borrowed by the same person, I'd like to meet her, seems we have the same taste hehe.

Last night while I was watching Canadian Idol... I-)... not too good this year it's getting old and tired,

I finished the little all-in-one, so sweet I haven't put the buttons on it yet, I want to find just the right ones that will make it worthy of a blue ribbon.

done...well just needs buttons

back Front
treasure's can be found at your local library


pei girl said...

yes it was a beautiful day and you are sure to get a blue ribbon for the all-in-one.have an awesome day nanna (hugs) :0)

Haley said...

very cute all-in-one! i also use the library a lot to check out knitting books.

Pixiepurls said...

very cute onsie!