Monday, June 4


Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on my humble little garden it is and probably will be a work in progress forever.

I hope you all had a good weekend I did. The sun was out all weekend but it didn't get too hot I was able to get the planting all in. Now all I have to do is buy the annuals and paint the fence.

I had Nate for a sleep over on Saturday and I think I was a hit as far as he was concerned. We went to the playground twice and he played in the dirt (he loved it!!! ) I see where I'll have to get a sand box soon.

On Sunday I took out my knitting and started to work on my cardigan and watched the Sopranos only one more episode left :( But I still have big love to look forward to on June 11th,

The cardigan is working out a lot better then I had anticipated, I only work on it when I get a moment or two, I have figured out the knit side from the purl side. I have 12" done on the back so far and only 3 1/2" more until I decrease.

Talk about a soft sweater, I'm not sure I'll be able to take it off my back once I'm done!


PEI Girl said...

way to go on the sweather,awesome pictures of Nate as always have an awesome day nanna :0)

Ellen said...

the sweater is going to be just so comfy !!

Nate as always is just too cute :)

what a little sweetie !!