Thursday, July 26

A beach day

Blooming Point on the Islands north shore
He loved the water it was so warm.

Yesterday was what I call a beach day. So we packed up the car and hit the road, we ended up at Blooming Point beach on the north shore, a public beach that is not under the National Parks. So it's a free beach, you don't have to pay to use it .

But that said... you have to endure one long bumpy clay road to get there, and there is no surf guards on duty so you really have to watch yourself in the water, pay close attention to rip currents, there are a lot of jellyfish too, but once all that is taken care of it is one of the prettiest beaches in the world.

Nate absolutely loved it, he wanted to be in the water the whole time. He wasn't too fussy with the hot sand. But down by the waters edge he loved, he's just like his Nan, I'm not a big fan of the dry sand. I prefer the cool wet sand.

Kelli and Cari who I call my little mermaids, were it the water swimming. I was worried the entire time thinking they would get caught up in a rip current and forget how to swim out of it.

When caught in a rip current, one should not fight it, but rather swim parallel to the shoreline in order to leave it. We had a lovely day with no mishaps except some forgot to use sun block and got a burn...hmmm(hubby...Kelli )

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pei girl said...

the beach looks so inviting I am happy to hear you all had a wonderful day,all this week has been such beautiful beach weather.Nate adorable as always.
have an awesome day nanna!:0)(hugs)