Friday, July 6

Eye Candy Friday

Nate got this pool back in June. And this was his first opportunity to use it.
I think this has been the coldest summer I can remember, but then again I have a short memory.

He had a ball, I think he loved using the hose because when we cut the water off he lost interest.

I'm afraid this was the only knitting I was able to spend anytime on it's the dishcloth from the July KAL I think I'll be using it for a washcloth.


Ellen said...

Ahhh little Nate looks like he's really enjoying that hose :)

what a cutie !!

Have a great weekend Carol :)

pei girl said...

love the picture of Nate and I wish it would get hot before we know it summer will have passed have an awesome day nanna (hugs):0)

Heidi said...

Hey, I made that same washcloth this week! It's for my swap partner in the Orange/Yellow Summer Swap. Perfect, hey?

Alaina said...

Just dropping in to say Hello. I have a yellow dishcloth on my needles but a different "sun" pattern - check back to my blog and hopefully I'll have it done soon - been knitting on the Vanilla KAL :)

Happy knitting :)

Haley said...

nate is so adorable! i always love seeing pictures of him. thanks for sharing.