Monday, July 2

Well yesterday was Canada Day here in Canada... (Duh!)
Hubby worked the night shift so he missed out on all the fun.
I spent the entire day with Kelli ,Mike and Nate. We went down to the concerts.

There was a band called Hotel California and you would have swore they were the Eagles.
I really enjoy them.

When we went back to watch the fireworks we thought we had the best vantage point to watch them from. Mike had his camera all set up on the tripod. I had mine set on the fireworks setting.(I never used this setting before I couldn't wait to use it )

Nate was as good as gold the crowds started to arrive it got darker all the kids were getting excited. What was billed as the Biggest display in Canada started. We could hear them but where were they????
They were behind, That's right I said behind... the biggest building in Charlottetown.

For 10 years they were at Peaks... this year without any announcement they moved the location. to behind a hotel.

I was so disappointed. The crowd of people rushed get a glimpse of them and nearly trampled us.

Oh by the way the so called "Best in Canada" lasted 8 minutes.

And it wouldn't be Canada day without the rain... yeah it rained... a little bit.

Here are a few pics of the day.

This is Victoria Park. The place where I think the Canada Day celebration should be held. Tons of space, Peak's is just too small of an area for that amount of people.

Nate is enjoying the day

Just one of the acts, Break Dancers I think?Lilac's at the government house mmmm they smelled so sweet.Me playing with the settings on the camera.

I don't want to leave you with the wrong impression... fireworks aside, I had a great day.

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pei girl said...

well well now I knew there was a reason I stayed home so glad the day with Nate Kelli and Mike was so much fun.have an awesome day nanna rain and all (hugs) :0)