Tuesday, July 10

Birthday shopping

7 things that ROCK! meme
and if you're reading this ...consider yourself tagged!
2.knitting of course
3.Coronation street
4. Ravelry
5. yard sales
7.all my wonderful readers!now, go make your list !!!

Yesterday I took Cari on a Birthday shopping spree and told her she could get anything she wanted within reason of course.

We went to the body shop and there she got fragrance oil and an Aroma Jar,
and she always wanted A money tree, we found one and a pretty little pot to put it in.

I also made her up this little cloth if you can't guess what it is, its a fairy. Cari has always like Tinker bell and this was the closest I could find. So I'll give it along with a few soaps.

and I gave up pop/soda, yesterday! If you know me at all you know how hard this is going to be for me. So I hope I can be successful.

And I couldn't stop myself I got it at Michael's for $5.00

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pei girl said...

wow!!! is it every nice and what a buy!!have an awesome day nanna (hugs):0)