Friday, August 3

Eye Candy Friday

British Invasion

Wow ...Wow...Wow...Is what I have to say about the performance last night.

It did not disappoint. In fact it was better than I even thought it would be. Non stop entertainment.

Festival cast members were enchanting, Terry Hatty belted out song after song, he brought the house down when he sang Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, and The Animals House of the rising sun.

I wish I knew who played the Beatles they were amazing.

Joey Kitson, as Tom Jones was priceless.

Gerrad Everard, was pretty amazing too, and very easy on the eye's. he portrayed

Roger Daltrey, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, and Berry Gibb.

We were treated to material by The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, and a funny bit on Boy George, again I'm not sure who played Elton John but he nailed him. And the performer who did Eric Clapton was Excellent!

The finale was great too! They were two bands left out that I would have loved... Supertramp and Pink Floyd. But maybe there were some copyright reasons behind it.

Yes... I had a very good time last night it was lovely.

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Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos! They make me long for the "Sandspit", where we always go when we're in PEI.

The performance you went to sounds fabulous! I haven't heard of it before.

By the way, my mother was traveling to PEI, at the same time that the rest of the world was trying to get to the Aerosmith concert. She could only go 10 km/hr from way before Port Elgin until the Charlottetown turn off. Bumper to bumper...even across the bridge. It added two hours to her trip, and she didn't know what the reason was! :)