Tuesday, August 7

Lillian...I'm getting there!

Not a lot of knitting taking place here lately, 'cause it's just been too darn hot. But you won't hear me complaining , I know summer doesn't last for ever, and before we know it, it will be fall.

I did get time to work on Lillian, I have about half done. I hope I'll have a chance to wear it before it gets cold.

this is a close up of a little stitch marker I made go here for step by step instructions on how to make your own.

Bad news I missed the deadline on entering the old home week knitting competition, oh well I must learn to write these things down on the calender.
Yesterday was a great beach day so we went to Lakeside another public free beach the waves were incredible Cari bought herself a new camera so I left mine at home, but she forgot to buy a memory card so the only pictures we have were on the internal memory. If the weather holds out we will be going back on Thursday and I promise to take pictures.
Lakeside, Saint Peter's, PEI
taken with Cari's new camera

Also on Thursday hubby and I are going to see British invasion... I know I've already seen it but he hasn't and I know he would enjoy it a lot, besides I want to see it again.


pei girl said...

love the Lillian,it looks very pretty what a great idea for the markers it is to bad you missed the deadline I am sure you would have won have an awesome day nanna:0)

Haley said...

lovely stitch marker. and to think i just use a scrap of yarn.

Jennifer said...

Like Haley above, I just use scrap yarn. However, I've been wanting some stitch markers lately. Your's looks very nice. The sweater is coming along nicely too!