Thursday, August 2

Shear Madness

Last night my Brother got us tickets to see a play at the MacKenzie Theatre called Shear Madness.

I'll tell you I laughed so hard I nearly cried, if you haven't seen it yet ,you must go...It's a whodunit and an audience participation play, and my brother wanting us to have the best seats in the house, got us the table right down front.
And poor hubby was singled out and had to read a note out loud, that said..."Barbra Good news the doctor says it's only a rash"
I think that got the biggest laugh of the night.

I was just happy they didn't pick me.

Playing the leading role of Tony is Wade Lynch he's hilarious . I'd put him on par with Robin Williams. really remember that name one day Hollywood is going to come calling.

Tonight we have tickets to go see British Invasion this is the play I've been looking forward to all summer.

On knitting news I've had the chance to work on my Lillian and she is a fun quick knit I'll be taking her to the beach today that is if we go.


Ellen said...

Sounds like you had an awsome evening !

enjoy the rest of the week Nanna :)

Carol said...

Oh, Ellen... I had the best time. I highly recommend it. I hope you get a chance to see it:)

pei girl said...

I am so happy you had such a fun evening sounds like a lot of fun!!!
love the Lillian it is going to be really nice.have a great time tonight at the theatre.have an awesome day nanna(hugs) :0)